Thursday, 3 February 2011

Well Hello - 20th May 2010

Hello! And welcome to my brand new, so shiny, not even taking the wrapping of it yet – blog!
Now, I am aware I am probably speaking to a grand total of zero people, so really I can say whatever I want. There’s a mighty lot of freedom in that! I will however, endeavour to say sensible things about writing, editing and anything else I happen to think I know about that week. This will all be in an effort to lure you back here in fevered anticipation for my next blog. Tempted, yet?
I am about to embark on a new, and very exciting, assistant editor position. Think part science geek, part book geek and you’ll be about there. I’m hoping suitably hilarious things will happen that I can tell you all about. Or you might just learn about semi colons along with me. Now there’s a treat!
I am also working on a collection of short stories which I will upload for you to ruminate (ed – is that right??!) and a novel. Yes, a novel. My own personal Kilimanjaro (without all the blisters.) It’s scary stuff people. But I’m learning lots and lots, all of the time. Lucky for you or I’d have nothing to talk about!
I’m also hoping that in however many years it takes me to get my excellent and tremendously exciting novel out on the shelves (what’s eleven years on average?!) you will all be able to look back and say, ah how wonderful. Nicola Hulks’ First Blog!

A girl can dream.

Until next time xx

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