Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hello boss....and boss....and boss?!

In my entire adult life I have had just one boss at a time. Identifying said boss is easy and could be done at 100 paces. Even the gentle footsteps of your boss on scratchy carpet are well known to the office dweller, alerting you of their approach so that you can screw your face up in an expression of extreme concentration. Even your tea drinking is intense and thoughtful. 'I am worth the money,' you say, 'every penny.'

This arrangement is quite simple to compute, one boss, one set of footsteps to identify, one role to fulfil in life, one task to be intensely interested in – easy. But what happens when you have more than one boss? More than one task? This is the crazy world into which I have been thrown.

No sooner have I reconciled myself with doing good things for boss number 1 than boss number 2 phones and I am spun into a world of confusion – I have two jobs? This is most unfamiliar! To add to this confusion I also have project bosses for my freelance work who contact me in the middle of working on another job. This is confusing enough right now with just one full time job but what about when I am knee deep in books and someone phones about an article about squirrels that I’m writing (I’m not actually writing about squirrels, but you see my point). My brain is not capable of dealing with this level of complexity.

It seems I am actually going to have to follow that old favourite ‘take every day as it comes’. I’ve also become an even more compulsive list maker, stashing away ideas for the time I have set aside on a particular project. In truth I’m not sure I’ve ever been that good at routine. By about day four I’m dragging my knuckle along the floor to my desk like some sort of cave dweller. So I’m looking forward to the excitement of a new challenge every day and will just have to live with a permanent look of expectant enthusiasm on my face. Plan!

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