Thursday, 3 February 2011

In which I become all hippy on your ass - 4th July 2010

The last couple of weeks have been completely insane. The new job has brought many new (and exciting) demands, to which I have been giving my absolute all. This, along side the usual self induced mayhem in my life of working on my own writing every hour I can, has been a recipe for extreme tiredness. It is in the midst of all this life changing stuff that I retreat into my inner hippy and now, more than ever, I have discovered it is a great place to be (in spite of the mocking that ensues.)

This summer I decided to have a vegetable growing experiment. Now, before you marvel at my success I must say that my plants were delivered in cardboard boxes (from the fabulous Rocket Gardens) fully developed through the awkward seedling stage and all I needed to do was shove them in pots. But nonetheless I now have a garden full of monster plants that I have nurtured into producing lots of food for me and many that show the promise of lots of good meals to come.
The whole thing is profoundly satisfying - and here comes the hippy bit - incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Sometimes it feels like life is just about running from one appointment to the next, always getting to the next rung of the ladder and, quite frankly, it’s exhausting. At the end of another long day there is honestly nothing better than wandering around the garden barefoot and seeing what the plants have been doing that day. They don’t demand budget reports or need you to be on your game, they just want you to pop down, check their still thriving and top them up with a little water. And the food - it’s amazing.

So I am a happy soul, standing at my kitchen door looking out on my garden with very dirty finger nails. On Monday morning I’ll have to scrub up and it will begin all over again, so for now - I think I’ll go visit my plants!

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