Thursday, 3 February 2011

The power of nonchalance - 1st Nov 2010

What is it with life that when you relax about something the offers come pouring in? Offers you would have sold your grandmother for a few days back. And you just sit there and think crikey I should be jumping up and down like a leprechaun at the base of a rainbow having discovered his first pot of gold. Not sure why I’m a male in this leprechaun scenario. Err Dr Freud…

But anyway, what I’m saying is that is very odd how attracted everyone is by nonchalance. I’ve had writing on the back burner for the last few weeks as I’ve had my mind on other things. Other thoroughly exciting/terrifying things, but certainly things that have commanded my attention. So the only thing I have done is to badly format pages of my short story collection and have lie ins. I know! What kind of dedication is that? But there is a season for everything and this is autumn. The season for lie ins and watching re runs of Dr Who in your jammies.

This general laziness seems to have attracted all sorts of attention however! I am being profiled (like some sort of mafia don) and asked for opinions on things. Me, opinions! Remarkable. It all reminds me of when I became Head girl at my secondary school. Again, yes, me. I honestly believe that the main reason they gave me the post is because I was so relaxed in the interview that I was almost horizontal. I remember sitting there, legs crossed, chatting away like I was the MD of the world. I just didn’t think I’d really get it, to be honest I wasn’t too fussed either way, and so spoke (apparently) so confidently that they thought I was the right gal for the job.

Now I’m finding the same thing happening with writing. I’m not too worried about it really, what with the aforementioned terrifying/exciting life events, and this seems to have resulted in more interest in my work and, when I actually get down to it, me producing much better work too. The horrid critic on my shoulder has left the building. He is jobless. Because I don’t give a monkeys what he is saying and quite frankly I think he has gotten bored.

I should probably take advantage of this sudden burst of enthusiasm being directed my way and the easy productivity brought about by my own nonchalance but well, I’m too busy being nonchalant. Tisk. It’s a crazy old world.

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