Monday, 13 June 2011

Being a semi grown up (ish)

It's alarming how quickly things change. On Saturday night I was sitting in a pub, very maturely bouncing up and down on my hands and giving the waiter evils as I awaited the arrival of a much anticipated cheese burger, when some students came in and took over the table next to us. Oxford students are particularly hilarious as not only do they do the usual student-y things (drink, swear, fall over, talk crap) they do it in a very posh accent. It really is value for money.

So anyway, this delightful gang began talking loudly about their impending visit to a lap dancing club in between downing shots of sambucca while I tried to relay my plans for home decoration to my in-laws. Looking over at their table I thought firstly – please shut up and secondly - I'm so middle aged. These people had clearly not spent the day wandering around homeware shops and discussing the merits of antique furniture versus new (as if there is even a debate, pah!) They were probably still hungover from last night eating breakfast at noon in a greasy spoon.

When was the tipping point at which I favoured a good red wine over a double vodka? I sometimes wonder if I will ever enter a nightclub again. I just can't muster up the enthusiasm when there is a bottle of wine, a Gilmore Girls DVD and a pair of pyjamas waiting at home. And, this is going to really put the final nail in the coffin, I really like being in my house. It's cosy and benefits from all those hours spent trawling homeware shops on the weekend. Plus I can play whatever music I like (Glee), there is a free bar (or at least it appears so as the Sainsburys man just brings it to my house) and I don't have to pretend I like trance or pay for a taxi home at the end of the night.

I suppose the trick is to do whatever stage you are in well. I was a great student, obnoxiously so, and would have given that lot a run for their money. And now I hope I'm a good (gulp) late twenty something, partly behaving alarmingly like a grown up but still to be found with a cocktail in hand in fancy dress every once in a while. So here's to being a semi grown up (ish)!


  1. When did going out start to hurt so much?!

    More middle-age ish advantages of home:
    1. no queues for the loo.
    2. you don't have blood smattered feet from all the blisters caused by stupid shoes (that werent even that high but anyway)
    3. you aren't bankrupted after 3 drinks!

    Sounds like a plan....X

  2. hahahaha!!! I totally agree. (see my post about loving my bed, last week!). I love the idea that I could still go out clubbing if I wanted to and love it. But the truth is I haven't for donkeys years and actually I would be asleep by 10.30pm anyway and I would be the one driving!
    movie nights and wine are the way forward..;)
    red x

  3. Shop Girl, quite right! The loo one is a major plus I hadn't considered though I currently have a plumber in mine, one of the perils of the grown up life, house maintenance.

    Red, I'm with you there!


  4. I used to be sad when I was a new mom and could no longer go out for the occasion rum and coke, and dancing. Now? I would much rather be home :)

  5. Was in a nightclub the other weekend - the floor was swimming with alcohol and broken glass, it cost so much to put your jacket in the cloakroom, guys leered at you and your shoes got wrecked.

    Plus you had to queue outside to get in, and you came out with a husky voice because you had to shout to communicate to anyone.

    So to add to ShopGirl's list

    4. You can hang your jacket up
    5. You can stay warm & dry
    6. You can have a proper conversation
    7. You can get up to go for a drink without the risks of a stranger trying to fondle you.

  6. Oh, and
    8. The music is better at my house

  7. Ha La! I heartily agree! And Teresa, a rum and coke at home?! Much better!!

    N x