Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Things are about to get yummy

A big cupcakey hint about my new blog.....!
Blog friends! I have launched a new blog! Dum da da dum! (That was supposed to be some kind of fanfare, go with it.) I remember when I began this blog over a year and a bit ago that I was welcomed into the blogging world with great enthusiasm, which I very much appreciated. This has been my own little space for ranting about hedges and the like and I've met some lovely people through the comments that have been left for me. So never fear, this blog shall continue, nay it shall go from strength to strength!

My new blog, however, is on a different theme. I am branching out in my writing into a number of different avenues, one of which is feature writing. I'm part way through a course with the London School of Journalism and it was while writing an assignment for them that I decided I wanted to do some food writing as this is one of my favourite past times. So rather than bore you all here with information about grazing and cupcake-making I thought I would dedicate a whole new blog to these antics. So allow me to present to you...

As the name suggests there will a lot of talk about tea and baking (naturally) and all sorts of other home-made fare. I'm not setting myself up as the next Jamie Oliver (urg, who would?!) but I am looking forward to sharing hints, tips and fun things I have discovered in my culinary adventuring.

I hope to see you there!

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