Thursday, 23 June 2011

In which I rant about hedge trimming

Today I received this marvellous flyer from my local council.

Oh yes. I am serious. Not only does the flyer outline that pavements are ‘for people not plants’  and that unruly hedges are ‘untidy’, don’t you know, it then goes on to give examples of offending hedges.

You can witness my bewilderment. For the sake of neighbourly relations I do attempt to trim my hedges thought I fear one particular bush is looking alarmingly like the one pictured, so much so that I had to scan the picture to check if it was actually my house. The problem arises here in a diverging of concerns. I don't care about hedges. You can walk round them. Get a grip.

This episode, however, perfectly highlights the utter ridiculousness of our council. In our area, which has a very posh area and a very poor area side by side (through which they once built a wall to keep the poor people contained – I kid you not), they have just sacked our youth worker because of lack of funds and they are attempting to close our local library. We are now fundraising to try and keep the youth worker in place for a couple of days a week and try and provide some continuity for the kids in the area who desperately need this input.

And yet they can afford to send us leaflets about HEDGE TRIMMING, which might I add I actually paid for through my council tax. RAGE. 

This concludes my Thursday rant. You may go back to your business now. :)


  1. Thanks Nicola - this has brightened up my day enormously.

    'Your hedge, your responsibility'. You couldn't make it up..

  2. Thanks Emma, glad to have given you a giggle. It really had to be shared!