Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pink tutu enthusiasm - 14th Jan 2010

Today on the way to work I was trudging through this drizzly, mediocre January morning when I saw a little girl, about three years old, come zooming out of her house on a scooter wearing a pink glittery tutu. Her Dad was dressed in jeans and a jumper and looked thoroughly bland stood next to her. Crikey, I thought to myself, this girl is ready to face the day! It made me think about having a level of enthusiasm that, when you wake up in the morning, a pink tutu is your garment of choice. I would love that! Getting out of bed is effort enough and even selecting clothes is, quite frankly, a massive chore. I don’t open the door to a cold, dull morning and say ‘Hello world, I coming for ya!’  and wizz off down the driveway on my scooter. Ah if only!  

But though a pink sparkly tutu may raise a few eyebrows in the office, and perhaps not fit in with the general attire at the departmental meeting, it did make me think that at the start of a new year, when everything can seem a little grey, we could take a leaf out of our young friend’s book. I’m sure she wasn’t heading off to the day of her lifetime, probably just off to play group to hang out with her chums, then maybe a spot of lunch in front of In the Night Garden (yes, I’m soo up on kids telly) followed by a little afternoon nap. Actually, that sounds pretty darn good, perhaps I would be wearing a pink tutu if that were my day - but anyway, I digress. What I am trying to say is that perhaps it’s the little possibilities that each day holds, the pink tutus of this world, where the real enthusiasm for life is to be found.

As regular readers and chums will know, I am a firm believer that everything is made better with a bit of glitter and as such use it LIBERALLY. I genuinely fear that I may start serving up bowls of pasta topped with ‘Disco Hologram’. It’s a real, and disturbing, possibility.  However, in a desperate attempt to justify myself, perhaps sprinkling your day with things just because they are pretty and good is the way to go. Perhaps it’s about making the most of opportunities to do exactly what you feel like doing that is really important when it comes to facing life with enthusiasm. So off you go and apply a liberal dusting of enthusiasm to your day, even if it is January. I shall expect to see a dramatic national rise in tutu wearing as of first thing tomorrow!

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