Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Room with a View - 24th July 2010

There is something inspiring about a space all of your own. Somewhere that is separate and decorated with things you’ve pulled out of magazines (a bit like being a teenager in the 90's when you papered your room in Smash Hits). My first tentative step towards this was ‘Poetry Corner’. I started small so as not to scare my new husband. I needn’t have bothered, he learned that he was living with a crazy person soon enough. Poetry Corner was a space on the sofa at my house in Aberdeen from which you couldn’t see the TV (essential) but you could easily reach to the corner bookshelf where all my poetry lived. The sun hit it at about 4pm. It was a blissful place. Then when I moved into my new house in Oxford I went one up and I bought a desk. It is tiny but perfectly formed and has a pin board hanging above it where I pin up images that inspire me (out come the magazines, no half naked boybands now though. I've totally grown up...), quotes and plans for stories. It may sound totally selfish but no one else is allowed to work there. I make my husband sit at the kitchen table to do his work (I know, I’m mean) but it’s very important to me that my scribbles and research have an undisturbed home. So I was understandably delighted to discover that I am not alone in these strange habits and, even better, to discover a long term solution used very close to home by a fellow book-ish bod.

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