Thursday, 3 February 2011

Drum roll please! - 22nd Nov 2010

Crikey. I’ve just made my book buyable online. Argggghhhhhh! You can buy it…..HERE!
This is very scary for the reasons mentioned in my last post but lets not think about the scary lets look at the many reasons why this is EXCITING.
  1. The cover is designed by Hannah Beatrice, who is super talented. The cover in itself is enough to gaze upon in wonder and awe. You need never open the book at all!
  2. All profits (60% of the cover price) go to Tearfund who are absolutely fabulous in every way. I have visited one of their projects in Zambia and it was the most inspiring thing I have ever experienced. Tearfund work through a partnership scheme where local people set up and run projects to help the neediest in their communities. This means that your money goes direct to the people who need it and is spent by local people who know the best use of the finances. Owning this book should make you feel reeeeally happy about the good thing you have done today.
  3. It only costs £5.99 which is well cheap, right? As my wise friend said over lunch this weekend, ‘You can’t even get a pie and a lemonade for a tenner these days.’ Too true, toooo true.
  4. It has ten whole stories in it which I wrote over two years so you practically own me.
  5. It has funny stories, sad stories, make-you-think stories and the stories span over a truly mental timespan -  thousands of years, I tell you! What’s that I hear? Bargain? Yes, you are quite right!
  6. You can peruse it online to check you don’t actually hate it before you buy! Excellent stuff!
  7. Even if you do hate it you can comfort yourself with the fact that you are supporting a British printer and the aforementioned awesomeness of Tearfund. Also it is a nice size to use to wedge open doors when the summer comes.
So what are you waiting for? I shall be back a’ bloggin’ in a matter of days with the first instalment of ‘Nikki’s blog tour of Stars in Unexpected Places’ with the story behind the story – ‘Chalk Horses and Heavy Rain’!

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