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A Snowy Story - 21st Dec 2010

Hello lovelies! As we are all snowed in and stressed about our Christmas plans AND as it is National Short Story Day I thought I might write you a snowy story. Part one is below (to be continued...). I hope it brings you a moment of happy calm with a cuppa, next time we shall find out  what becomes of poor Molly out in the snow!!

A Snowy Story
Molly looked out of the window and marvelled at the wintery wonderland that confronted her. She could barely see her path anymore and chuckled to herself at the man sliding along the pavement as if he were on roller skates. Molly was tucked up inside and intended to be so for the foreseeable future, so the wintery weather didn’t bother her a jot. No, she had what could feasible be a lifetime's supply of books and most importantly her electric fire, after all who can be bothered with wood these day? And anyway the wood would be covered in snow, so what good would it be now? More fool real fire snobs, she thought, stretching out her fingers to the fire.

Molly lived alone and had done for some time. She preferred it that way. The bed was hers to stretch out in any which way she liked and she could stay in her dressing gown all day if she liked, which of course she didn’t - she had a life to attend to after all. It was a genuine joy to Molly that she never found a dirty cup by the sink unexpectedly or a pair of underpants on the bathroom floor.  She had heard from her married friends of the places they found underpants. What was wrong with men, she mused, that they discarded underpants about their home so liberally? Molly had once been for tea with her dear friend Elizabeth and pulled out the dining room chair to discover -  underpants! Molly shuddered at the thought and the memory of the poor red faced Elizabeth hurriedly stuffing her husband’s draws into the front of her apron. No, she thought. It was better to be alone.

Molly checked her wrist watch and saw that her stomach was not misleading her; it was, in fact, time for lunch.  After retrieving her kitchen slippers Molly made her way to the fridge. First things first - a cup of tea, she thought, reaching into the fridge door. She soon found herself patting the back of it and knelt down to take a closer look. No milk! Molly straightened up, her eyebrows knitted together in a frown.  This, she thought, is where living alone falls down. No one to blame for drinking the last of the milk.  Molly opened the door to the utility room to locate her freezer. She wasn’t a big one for freezer food, preferring fresh, but she always kept an emergency supply of the essentials in stock. Molly opened the freezer and stopped. She kept the emergency milk on the top of the freezer but it didn’t appear to be there. She rustled through the packs of peas and suspicious looking cuts of meat wrapped in sandwich bags, her hands going numb, before finally accepting her fate. There was no milk. Now had this been any other product perhaps she could have gone without but as we well know, tea is a basic need and one cannot go without. Molly sighed and looked up to the window. The snow was falling heavily again. She would have to go outside….

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