Thursday, 3 February 2011

Queen Nicola's Christmas Message! - 23rd Dec 2010

On Sunday evening Ben and I trudged down the road in the snow to our local church for a candle lit carol service. Sitting in the church with our coats on, singing carols with all our neighbours, I realised quite how lucky we are and how much has changed for us in 2010. This time last year I was living alone in Oxford while Ben finished off his teacher training in Aberdeen, he didn’t have a job yet to come down to and I was working somewhere completely different where the people were lovely but the work wasn’t quite for me. We knew immediately that Oxford was the right place for us to be but those first few months of being apart were hard.

My hope has always been that I would have an open house full of friends and laughter and 2010 has brought much of that. We have met lots of new friends and got closer with life long ones. Our family have been dropping by loads (now that they don’t have to get on a plane to see us!) and we have new upstairs neighbours who share our love of vintage homeware and gossip girl (me) and football (Ben!). Yes, sing along children - that’s when good neighbours become good friends! Ha! One of the things I am looking forward to most in 2011 is another year in our lovely new community, kicking off with a visit from the Bishop of Oxford at church and a community barn dance!! Aren’t we quaint!

Like every year this one has had its ups and downs, celebrations and sad times both. I have discovered the sheer joy of edible glitter, successfully grown a plot of vegetables and finally written my book, but what I am most thankful for is that I will be ending the year as I started it, surrounded by the people that I love. Who knows what 2011 will bring; this year has brought many surprises! My prediction is that it’s going to be a big one! But for now may I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and that you find everything you hope for waiting for you in 2011.

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