Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Holiday Crafting - the Travel Quilt

We are currently house sitting a rather temperamental but intensely loveable spaniel which has meant that life is revolving around home for me. This is pretty rare as I'm usually up at college for the best part of the day or dashing around Oxford with fifteen thousand books on my back (ok, slight exaggeration...). This is my lifestyle of choice and I love to be busy but it is just brilliant to devote some serious time to my lovely little house and lovely little four legged friend.

Believe it or not I am STILL on Easter Vacation. I know, hate on. (I do have to do reading for my course if that helps, no? Ok then). My bum has barely left the sofa all week and my has lap has been filled on a rotation system by text books, then sewing, then an overexcited and under-entertained spaniel. Since my first attempt at a quilt, which was such brilliant fun and much easier than anticipated. I decided to make another one for the end of the bed in the spare room.

The spare room has somewhat of a travel theme in our house. I want people who come stay to lay back and look up at pictures of lovely lagoons and flick through the travel guides on the shelf and dream up some adventures. I had some gorgeous material looking for a use that I picked up in Zambia, the usual bucket of offcuts and a burning desire to embroider and...voila! The travel quilt is born.

Ok, so it's unlikely to win any awards at the Great British Sewing Bee (How much are you loving that by the way, I'm thoroughly inspired!) but it really makes me smile and I loved making it. I embroidered on some designs I knocked up during one of my many sofa stints of travel quotes and capital cities.


I did however managed to weld myself free from my house to do a bit of charity shopping and just had to show you my latest acquisition, a 1960's coffee pot for a fiver!

How amazing is that! If you're not a second hand shopper then really, what are you waiting for? Craft and charity shop on my friends!

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