Thursday, 28 March 2013

Five Million Reasons I'm giving to Syria

Today I was invited along by Tearfund to the Disaster Emergency Committee's Syria Live event hosted in the BT Tower in London. After a rather embarrassing 'I think I'm lost, oh THERE is the giant tower!' moment I arrived and got acquainted with some fellow tweeters. What followed was an hour Q&A with six leading experts from the UK's biggest humanitarian organisations. It is well worth a listen to the event and you can find it on the DEC website.

While I was at the event I was mulling over what an appropriate post would be from all the heart rending and inspiring stories the experts were sharing with us. Ultimately it all comes down to to those, to the 5 million people trapped or displaced as a result of the conflict in Syria each with their own desperate needs, individual stories and hopes for the future. There are five million reasons right there to donate right now. I have also put together my top ten, however, for why I am donating today.
  1. The money given to the DEC goes straight to partner organisations in our leading charities who are working on the ground NOW. The cash will get directly to those who are in extreme need of basic food supplies and medicine. The channels are open, the needs identified, they just need the cash.
  2. The scale of the crisis is massive and escalating. 8,000 people, up from 1,000 at the start of the year, are fleeing Syria every single day. Basic supplies are desperately needed for the camps receiving them in Jordan and Lebanon.
  3. Civilians are being disproportionately affected by the conflict. A large proportion of the refugees fleeing Syria are women and children.
  4. The conflict has been going on for much longer than expected and is now considered to be the worst humanitarian crisis in the 21st century.
  5. Half of all refugees are children and are falling behind in their education. The money you give would allow partners to provide education for these children in the refugee camps to allow them to stay on track for until they return home.
  6. On escaping from the country people face life threatening situations as they pass through active conflict. Our donations means that when they cross the border they are welcomed with supplies, support and a reminder that the international community cares as well as supporting people who are trapped in Syria and unable to flee.
  7. The DEC partner organisations are directly consulting with affected people in Syria on how they feel the money should be spent ensuring the money gets to what they consider to be the most important needs.
  8. Individuals and organizations in countries hosting refugees are working in a massively sacrificial manner to care for vulnerable people. Teachers are working double shifts to try and fit in extra children in schools that have doubled in size over night. Our donations can provide additional support to these overstretched areas.
  9. Partner organisations are looking to people's emotional as well as physical well being. The level of suffering is overwhelming, our donations provide someone to care and to help people rebuild their lives.
  10. These are people just like us, having babies, wanting to care for their children and get on with normal life and yet have been chased from their homes in fear. Let's stand with them.
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