Friday, 15 February 2013

Snappy Happy

In preparation for our Europe Trip (and because I love a good creative challenge!) I have grabbed some books out of the library on photography basics and set myself a challenge. For the next forty days of Lent I am reading the gospel of John and talking a photo a day inspired by what I have read. So far, so good. It's got me out into the early morning light, squelching through puddles and breathing some fresh air, and it's got me looking around more, absorbing my surroundings and thinking about what I see.

I love a new opportunity to be creative and photography is already grabbing me as amazingly fun. I'm certainly not much good at it and my camera is pretty basic but we all have to start somewhere. What I'm loving is the chance to see something from a different angle, in a unique light and see things in a new way than I normally do. Here's one of college from an angle I never normally look at it (I was standing in the middle of a muddy field!)

All this photography is also helping me to enjoy my countryside surroundings a bit more. As I've said numerous times I'm a townie by birth and upbringing. But catching the beauty of my surroundings on film (and probably the increase in day light generally!) is helping me to feel grateful for this place I've found myself in, even if I still get excited on the bus on the way to town! This is my favourite picture of the college surrounds so far, it's certainly not technically amazing but it just catches something of the place. The moodiness of the sky but the light breaking through. I love it.
If you'd like to follow my Lenten journey then I will be blogging it over on God Chat. This is my new blog where I am posting faith based reflections/videos/photos and so on but really they are just reflections on life. Being a Christian, that's the angle I'm looking at things from but you don't have to be of any particularly faith or any at all to pop by so don't be a stranger!

In the meantime, any new creative hobbies on your horizon?

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