Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bargains and Winter Crafting

Dare I say it, do you think Spring is on the way? The bulbs are springing up in the front garden and I came home in the semi-light tonight for the first time this year. I made the most of the sunshine on Monday and our mid term long weekend off from college to refurb a bargain charity shop find from this weekend. I was really umm-ing and ahh-ing about it when I saw it but really did fancy a project and I'm glad I took it on, what a beaut!

Here it is before, my coffee table/magazine rack combo but in a rather sad dark brown.


But never fear, my trusty supply of very bright, very brilliant paints to the rescue. And it's PINK! Twee, yes. But I think it's just smashing!
Cute eh? And this is SO easy to do. Really, if you see anything you like then just go for it. This whole thing set me back £9. I get my paint second hand from a junk yard so that I can have a stash of different colours for just this purpose. You can use satinwood or eggshell. Just give it a good sand before you start and then a couple of coats and you're done. Some varnish would make it a bit more hard wearing but I like my furniture to get a little bit bashed. It adds to the look!
This lovely addition to the living room goes really well with the quilt I made last weekend. I've never quilted before so this was a test case. It was brilliant fun and a lot easier than I thought. Sewing a big chunky blanket is immensely satisfying too. I used random offcuts I had around, backed it with a big piece if strawberry print fabric (though old duvets make a great backing material, there are some lovely ones in charity shops if you can get over the whole 'someone else has slept under this' thing. But hey you sleep under other people's duvets in hotels, right? That's the line I'm using and I'm sticking to it!)
Anyway here it is, I'm inspired to have another go. Luckily I think I've got a few more cold winter nights to fill till Spring is properly sprung!


  1. Wow!! Those are SO lovely! I don't have the patience/accuracy for quilting but I'm really into revamping old furniture etc. They are brilliant!!

    1. It's fun isn't it! A good sploch of paint, who doesn't love that eh?