Saturday, 23 February 2013

One Million Teacups

Many moons ago when I was but a wee nipper our family used to travel to the south coast to see my Great Great Aunt Tot. She was a lovely lady, forever about 90 in my mind, and she had the most amazing china collection that we were to be kept far away from at all costs. I can just imagine my poor Mum trying to keep us from charging into one of the many china cabinets and destroying the whole thing, kids eh?

Ironically, after being kept very firmly away from Aunt Tot's china collection, I have now inherited part of it!  I've had a couple of her serving bowls for the last few years and always chuckle when I take them out to think of her reaction of me using them willy nilly. I don't really believe in 'best' china. Every day is special and deserves the best in my book.

Mum came with a box full of china with the intention of me choosing one of the sets, for space saving purposes. They all have teacups, saucers, milk jugs, sugar bowls, tea plates and serving plates. Basically, the whole shebang. All English, bone china. Sighhhh! I quickly entered into an 'too many lovely things panic', there really is a set from each era. Art deco 1930s tea set or psychedelic 1960s espresso cups made on Carnaby Street?! Yes reader, I kept them all.

These beauties were made in 1935. Swoon!
The only issue was getting it past the husband, monitor and passer-of-judgement of all new acquisitions. 'Do we have room for all these?' he mused after my parents had already left the giant box of china with us. Ah ha ha. Men.

Whilst unpacking I also had the joy of catching up with the local news from home circa 1993, the year my Granny presumably packed up Aunt Tot's things. This was the year after WIndsor Castle caught fire. I was busy being 8 so didn't really keep abreast with things the first time around!

Man, I love vintage china. Why ever buy anything new? So many brilliant tea times ahead and for now, a couple more 'aren't they gorgeous snaps'. Do indulge me!

This fab set are from 1962 and, wait for it....Made in Chelsea!


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  1. Wow! What an amazing collection! I am always keeping my eye out for tea cups in charity shops, but inheriting a whole collection is definitely the way forward!