Monday, 20 May 2013

The Handmade Home – Bank Holiday Inspiration

I've been asked today to put together an article for a magazine on creating a happy, homemade home. The two are synonymous for me, handmade means love in every stitch, coat of paint or mouthful and so makes me infinitely more happy than shop bought, manufactured products. With the Bank Holiday coming up it's the perfect opportunity to do some crafting, baking and filling your home with a bit more homemade love.

If you're looking for inspiration then I'd really recommend taking a trip down to your local bookshop and picking up Cherry Menlove's new book, The Handmade Home. It is beautifully made and photographed and makes you want to throw down a blanket on the lawn, make a jug of old fashioned lemonade and bloomin' well enjoy your life. That's what I love about Cherry's book and about craft in general. It reminds us that we are not automatons, not made to work non-stop but to live. To enjoy the beautiful things in life and, even better, for them to come from our own fair hands.

One of the very inspiring things about Cherry's book, and blog in fact, is that her own life and story really shines through. She has faced some massive challenges in her life and really makes the most of each day because of it. Day to day life, let alone major challenges, along with all the pressures of the workplace, that we all experience these days, can thoroughly drain us. But in your home, you reign. This is your little corner of the world and you can make it however you want and you can do it sustainably and cheaply. You can make something beautiful just for the fun of it. Paint it pink if you so fancy. Drink your tea out of china fit for the Queen. In your place, guess who is Queen, why yes, that would be YOU!

Cherry progresses in her book through a number of different events offering ideas for things to cook, things to make - like her 'laying on the lawn' duvet and pink stripy deck chair – and things to grow. It is prime growing season, and you can grow your own flowers and veg whateversize your space. All this comes together in sumptuous arrangements that will have you arranging a dinner party quicker then you can say Domestic Goddess.

Speaking of Domestic Goddess moments, I am also providing the photos for my article on all things happy and homemade so I have a tea party to organise and photograph. Some chums are going to get a very pleasant invite in their Inbox! But really, what better way to make your friends and family feel utterly precious and spoilt than to treat them to a beautiful table jammed with homemade goodies?

You'll certainly not run short of ideas for all seasons in Cherry's book. So out with the whisk and in with the happy memories. Have a great Bank Holiday!

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