Thursday, 30 May 2013

Never Juice Celery

I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment. I discovered the amazing fact that if you eat a shed load of fruit and veg you don't pick up colds from all an sundry. I know! Who knew right?! This quest led me down the route of ordering a weekly veg box. It's all very exciting. Every week a parcel arrives on your door step and like a (sad, middle aged) child at Christmas you tear it open and yell with glee 'some chestnut mushrooms! Huzzah!'

All this excitement encouraged me to order a box of fruit for juicing. I've had a juicer for some time but like most households it ended up in the place household appliances go to die, i.e. nestled next to the bread maker and all the appendages to my food processor that I don't understand. Imagine my great joy, then, when my juicing box arrived packed with two kilos of apples, two kilos of oranges, two kilos of carrots, a big pile of beetroot, ginger, lemons and some celery.

Naturally I got to work immediately and having had some reasonable success with some carrot and apple juice last week, I thought to myself, 'hey why not blend up some more veggie juice?' I'll be so intensely healthy I will never get a cold again! In went some carrots, a nice sweet apple, a beetroot and, gulp, some celery. The emerging juice, courtesy of the beets, looked like something that would be at home on the Vampire Diaries. Undeterred I took a big swig.
Dalek like juicer and dodgy looking juice!
It was horrific.

Seriously, never, ever, ever juice celery. Nothing can mask that taste. And adding beets, well it kind of just taste like celery mixed with mud. Urgh.
The only place for celery if you ask me
I did have a bit more success today however so I thought I'd share it with you. Summer in a glass to save you from the sheer misery of the weather we are having in England at the moment.

Summer Tastes Peachy!

1 Banana (peeled and in rough chunks)

1 Peach (just chop the stone out)

2 Oranges (peeled and juiced)

One Tablespoon of Natural Yoghurt

Chuck in a blender, whizz it up for a minute or so and there you have it. Lovely smooth, summery smoothie
– and not a stick of celery in sight!!


  1. But I LIKE celery, Nicola, AND beetroot - though not juiced. :-) You're so right about the fruit and veg. DH and I have upped our intake hugely over the last few years and haven't had as much as a sniffle all winter. I've probably tempted fate in saying that and will now go down with the mother and father of all summer colds....

    1. Ha ha, yes celery and beetroot are fine in their right place - that place is just not a blender or juicer!! :)

  2. Thanks for the advice - quick question, when you juiced the celery did you still have celery bits come with the juice? Because I quite like the taste, it's just the weird stringy texture I find a bit ming.
    Will defo be trying the summer juice though, that sounds beautiful!

    1. Actually no, no weird stringy bits! My juicer has quite a fine sieve so not much gets through it. Hope you like the summer juice! Thanks for commenting! :)