Monday, 10 December 2012

Top ten holiday activities

I've now officially finished for the Christmas holidays. However, a combination of the intensive pace of the term and an ever present sense of guilt floating about my person that I should really be studying Greek is making it hard to unwind. I know I really need some time off for my brain to recover but sitting and willing it to stop whirring isn't doing the trick. So I thought what better way to focus my attention on some serious relaxing and recuperation but to get it down in writing. Faithful blog readers, be my witness! I will slow down this Christmas!

And so here are my top ten activities I will do this holiday to break the pace and feel the peace, man!
  1. Lose track of time in a coffee shop
    I haven't done this for months. Every moment is accounted for. Even a half an hour slot is seriously valuable so I haven't been able to sit and let time float by without worrying.
  2. Get my vintage on
    A morning browsing the charity shops (there is a serious set of amazing ones just down the road from me now. It's brill!) is just what I've been craving.
  3. Bake
    The Christmas cake is done but there are plenty more on the must bake list. Next up, orange and cranberry breakfast muffins. Yum.
  4. Sew something
    Is there anything as restorative as an afternoon behind the sewing machine? There are a pile of gorgeous fabrics waiting to be transformed. I'm thinking a patchwork embroidered cushion might be in the offing.
  5. Devote myself to a box set
    This Christmas it is The Vampire Diaries. Yes I am a teenager very poorly disguised in a twenty something body!
  6. Wander round the shops
    It's Christmas shopping season, need I any more excuse than that?
  7. Tis the season to be glittery
    Nail painting, long baths, a hair cut has been long needed. Bliss.
  8. Friends and Family
    Staying up late chatting, lunch dates, feet up and eating a lot of cake. I can't wait to see them all!
  9. Read a good book
    Does this need saying – NON THEOLOGICAL!!
  10. Go out for dinner to a place that requires me to wear my new bright yellow heels
    Yes, this one is rather specific. But these poor beauties haven't seen the light of day yet and it is a tragedy!
To keep me on the straight and narrow I shall keep you updated on my antics. What are you doing this season for a little R&R?


  1. These should do the trick, Nicola. :-) Enjoy working your way through the list.

    As usual we're visiting the offspring for Christmas and New Year, so I don't need to race round doing most of the preparations nowadays. Life is all about relaxation after retirement. :-)

  2. After being ill for a week, I'm officially fed up with the forced R&R. But do plan to do some christmas baking and make lots of my fake mulled wine! And hopefully I'll get some good DVDs for Christmas to watch, as I really need to watch some different seasons of HIMYM.