Thursday, 10 May 2012

This week in pictures

After my post this week about recording more of the happy making moments in life I have been snapping away on my Blackberry whenever I see something that makes me smile. I'm no photographer but this photos tell a story of the last few days in my little corner of the world.

Laura Ashley paint, so twee but it was on sale! Please forgive me! I'm restoring an old dining table at the moment for our new flat. It's going from dark brown to 'Pale Ivory'. I could also chose from 'Ivory', 'Palest Ivory', 'Pale Biscuit', what is this foundation?! But anyway, I love nothing more than to have paint splattered hands and be a complete mess from sanding down. This ones going to be a beauty!

Here it is in all former glory. A pain to sand down but great fun to paint. Wonderful undulations (as Miranda would say!)

This always makes me smile, my sewing emporium! This used to house my perfumes and other bedroom bits but as all the perfumes were stolen when my house was broken into it became my sewing station. The hidden blessings of burglary, one way too declutter I suppose! Now that the handicraft sale is over I can start some sewing projects just me (and the new house of course!) and I'm loving it.

 And in true Blue Peter style, here's one I made earlier! I got this off-cut in a bargain bin in Summertown and knocked up this cushion at the weekend. I absolutely love it and have been gazing joyful at it since I made it.

So that's my week so far and I'm thankful for it. Any other bloggers sharing their week in pics?

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