Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Opportunity knocks

Today I've been thinking about opportunity. It seems to me that there are times in life when opportunity is easy to see. You are at the top of the mountain, enjoying the panoramic view. Then there are the moments where you are sledging down said mountain and the world seems to be going very fast indeed. It can be much harder to see the wood from the trees as everything is whizzing past much faster than you'd like. And worst of all you worry that if you come off your sledge you're not quite sure where you will end up, but you fear it is in a pile at the bottom of the mountain, ending up as a lookalike of the abominable snowman. Have I done the snowy mountainside metaphor to death now? Jolly good!

I'm not quite sure where I am right now on the mountain journey but I have felt like I'm on a one way track to abominable snowman-ville at times over the last few weeks so today was a most welcome break. I went up to Tearfund HQ to have a meeting about the project I'm working on in the Mekong Sub Region and, as always, it was a pleasure. It focused me again on what I can do right now, what opportunities I have available to me. Though I may not have the answers to everything on this journey, I do have the answers to some.

Sometimes it pays to put the breaks on and to realise that you can steer the sledge (really, am I ever going to give up this metaphor?!!!) if even for a little while. For me that means making sure that I am writing and making the best of the opportunities in that arena, because that will always be a part of me and an important part. And perhaps it's the small opportunities that it pay to keep in view, after all it is these that make up a life not what we think might be around the next bend. The opportunity to make a fuss of someone you love or my personal summer favourite eating freshly picked salad that you grew with your own fair hands. It might not be a mountain vista but the view from here is pretty nice too.

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