Sunday, 19 October 2014

New Blogging Shores

Confession time - I've run a ground a bit on this blog. It makes me a little sad because this blog has accompanied me through some of the best times in my life. From starting out writing for the first time, to writing my first short stories and seeing them in print, to being selected to train for ordained ministry and all the ups and downs of that journey so far.

I have met wonderful people, been inspired by the blogging community and given much needed space to reflect on all the adventures that have been part of my life over the last few years. It's pretty amazing to be able to look back on where I've been and how much things have changed in that time. But what I have loved the most is sharing that with you lovely people and hearing how these simple stories have been an encouragement to some of you. That is the best part by far.

In this blog I've also discovered a love of writing that has run and run and allowed me to branch out into other platforms in this magical world of the interweb and partly it is this love of writing that is spurring me on to something new. I've had an idea for a while now about a new blog I might launch and I have this annoying nagging feeling that I ought to just be getting on with it.

The problem is that the idea is just so much more successful and brilliant in my head than it might be in real life. Annoying that, eh? I feel a bit like I am standing on the safe shores of this blog looking out to some distant, possibly awesome/possible snake infested island of the new blog and thinking 'Well, its no so bad here, really. Perhaps I'll just stay a while longer'. But the thing is I am starting to drag my heels here. Ideas aren't coming so easy for this platform but are coming thick and fast for another.

My greatest concern is that the new blog turns out to be a total snore fest and really is better off in my head where it currently lives majestic in all its glorious unreality. For that reason I'm going to be enlisting a few of you to comment on this new hair brained scheme of mine. In the meantime, watch this space, I still love you and I will be back!

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