Sunday, 3 November 2013

London Calling

My husband and I have reached that landmark time and are both turning thirty within the next year, or the next week for him! This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy our youth somewhat with a trip to London. We've been really missing our adventurous stint in Europe over the summer so we took to the capital with the full enthusiasm of the tourist but with all the added advantages of knowing the language and some hot spots to visit without the aid of too many guide books.

Westminster Abbey where we popped in for a spot of evensong
Entering St James' Palace
Raven at the Tower of London!
Being pretty obsessed with all things food and drink related this involved a trip to the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington for a Black bottom Cupcake and a brief detour from tourist activities to visit the Twinnings shop on the Strand. As a self proclaimed tea connoisseur and having a truly disturbing knowledge of the range of most British tea companies I breezed in and picked up some replenishments of the more obscure teas in my collection and was easily persuaded into buying a tin of 'Christmas Cheer'. It's packed full of cloves, orange and cinnamon on a base of Assam. As you can see I was most pleased (and a bit damp) by the Thames after my visit.

We then went to Covent Garden for cocktails in a bar so loud we remembered why we spend most of our time in the sleepy pubs in our village. Still you're only young once, the drinks menu was somewhat more extensive than our local and you couldn't get a better people watching spot in Britain! A sophisticated dinner of a meatball burger (yes, really) followed at husband's request and then we battled through the chilly streets back to our room in Hammersmith for some rest and recuperation (being nearly 30 and all...)

Our little B&B....
Today we spent our days exploring the Tower of London before bidding farewell to London and all its drama (and people, so many people!!) and heading home. The weekend was a great reminder that life is a whole lot more than work and deadlines. Yes, what you get up to in the working hours is important and can be wonderfully fulfilling but we are so much more than that. Life is for adventures too. Seeing new things, getting lost in the crowd, getting chilly and pink-cheeked and eating meatball burgers. Bliss!

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  1. What a super trip, Nicola. Happy birthday to you both.