Friday, 21 June 2013

The Choice – Part 2

A while ago I blogged about summertime and story telling bringing to your attention a really exciting campaign that Tearfund are running at the moment. They have recently released the next video in the series, isn't it beautiful?

Beautiful boys from The Choice video (Photo: Tearfund)
Poverty is such a faceless beast. Those in need become an amorphous 'problem', but in reality all the statistics are made up of individual people, like you and me, and each 'problem' has an infinite number of solutions. Children can have more than the generation that came before them. They can go to school, their parents can experience the deep joy of seeing their children have more and better than what they have had. I've seen it happen and it is brilliant. More, more, more, I say!

Fresh from the IF campaign I am really inspired by even the title of this new campaign. Because it is a choice isn't it? To give or to hoard. To be generous or closed. To see challenges or problems. To hope or to despair. While we're on the subject of the IF campaign and getting a passion for the opportunities available to make awesome choices for the world at large, check on this video The Hunger Museum. Isn't it fab?
Choice, opportunity and blessings on earth. Happy Friday!

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