Friday, 28 October 2011

Will eat pop tarts for vouchers

We are all feeling the pinch at the moment and for me this has re-awoken one of my most favourite behaviours – Thrift. I’ve been especially obsessed with it since I read India Knight’s – The Thrift Book and can often be found leafing through its pages as if it were the manual to life itself expounding such gems as ‘you could make that body scrub for 57p you know…’ It is also where I discovered the wonder of Rocket Gardens who have been my faithful grow-your-own companions for the last two years, turning me from gardening dunce to living the good life faster than you can say shovel.

I have been a long term fan of the voucher and am a recent convert to the world of market research. I remember as a kid road testing prototype pop-tarts (as if they even needed to pay us, living the dream!) These days I’m commenting on exciting things like margarine and sanitary products but still. The one thing this does mean is that you have to get over voucher embarrassment pretty fast. This is why I love the rise of Groupon and Voucher Code. The voucher is becoming so much more reasonable rather than something slightly strange people do which holds up normal people in supermarkets (you know who you are).

I’ve been instructed by my husband to not yell this from the roof tops (but since when have I listened to him?! Ha!) as it is VERY embarrassing but I have also recently become a Naked Angel! No, I’ve not become a lady of disrepute, no one needs vouchers that much. I have joined up with the company Naked Wines (I actually have no idea why they are called that…I hope I’m not alarmed when I find out!) and am enjoying the most delicious wines to my door for bargain prices. As an Angel I receive a free sample bottle a month and 33% cash back on all my purchases! This has awoken a slight worry though as I am now one of those people who has a full wine rack. This all seems very adult (I’m usually a buy it, drink it kind of gal) and is taking some getting used to.

My thrifty ways don’t stop here however. I have recently stocked up on seeds of fast growing salad veg that I am growing indoors. The only problem here is that they do require a bit of warmth and I am currently in a stand-off with my heating to see how long I can put off turning it on.  So far I’m winning but I have to say my chances aren’t looking good judging by the weather forecast.  

Any thrifty tips, wise blog readers?


  1. Loyalty cards.

    I rarely buy make up these days with money. Just my Boots advantage card points. At Christmas time I buy stuff with nectar points. My friends get treats (like cinema tickets, pizza express vouchers) by converting Tesco Clubcard vouchers for cinema, hotel, airmiles etc.

    Oh, and join easyfundraising. You get exclusive voucher codes AND any money you spend a wee bit goes to charity.

    Like the one I work for.


  2. We have a John Lewis Partnership credit card that gives us points for every pound we spend on the card. Points are then converted to John Lewis vouchers. (Disclaimer: Other cashback type credit cards are available.)

    We simply make all our purchases using this credit card now rather than our debit cards and pay it off every month. So we aren't buying anything more than we use to but get vouchers for free, plus when using loyalty cards too, you're getting 2 sets of points for the same purchase!