Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Now I know it is universally acknowledged that unless you are a dreams councillor or far eastern biblical times Magi hearing about other people’s dreams is one of the most dull things ever. So writing a blog post about it would probably not be the best thing to attract hoards of grateful readers. Hmm. Please stay with me!

When I was a teenager I went through the whole star sign, dream interpretation phase (was that just me?!) mostly I think as an expression of my intense teenage absorption with myself. Oh weren’t they great years! I kept a dream diary by my bed which usually featured nothing more that barely legible scribbles about fairies and Tony Blair (I really don’t know why that man features so highly in my subconscious, worrying really).

I do have very vivid dreams and they very much reflect my emotional state. Does anyone else find that? I guess, psychologically speaking, that is what dreams are for. To process the things that you haven’t done in your waking hours. This can sometimes be quite distressing though, when you are worrying all day and then worrying in your sleep. Where is the rest in that?

So imagine my surprise when last night something else from my day wandered into my dreams! I’ve been doing yoga recently as a way to get fit but also to slow down and calm my mind with the hope of that opening up my ears to God a little better rather than always been in my own private world of flapping. I know there is some debate among Christians about yoga but I don’t consider it to be a religious thing unless you make it to be. There is a wide body of literature on this that I can point you to if you’re interested.

What did really surprise me is that as well as feeling calmer in the days I’m even calmer in my dreams! Last night I had my usual range of mad, full on dream adventures but I was totally different in them, relaxed and just batting all the negativity away. And I woke up feeling calm, refreshed and ready for the day. I’m just amazed that what is such a small thing really can change my stress levels so much as to affect my sleep! Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?


  1. Oh yes! During a rather hectic time at home I decided that I needed to find a way to still my mind - so I too, tried yoga. I found it incredibly difficult to shut out all that was going on around me - but the stillness (when achieved) was amazing and I felt God could speak to me without me having bright ideas popping up! I have amazingly calm sleep if I achieve that stillness - but I do find it very difficult. I gather practise makes perfect.

  2. Ah! Glad it's not just me! Practice is def the key but I'm already feeling fitter and calmer so that's got to be good!